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the accused child killer. this morning there was an expert testimony testifying soil on casey anthony's shoes did not match the soil from the crime scene off suburban drive in orlando. >> you did not find any meaningful connection of casey anthony to suburban drive? all thank you is correct. >> but the witness admitted under cross that the soil did not prove casey anthony was never there? >> so the absence of soil is meaningless in terms of establishing presence or lack of presence? >> that is correct. >> the toxicologist testified hair testing from caylee's remains showed no signs of drugs and sedatives. here is the defense. >> in this case, you had a sample, you did the test, and the result came back negative. >> that is correct. >> but the prosecution suggesting that doesn't prove a thing about whether somebody drugged caylee. >> it doesn't mean the person wasn't given the drug or that they were,ist just doesn't mean anything. >>guest: it means that i did not find any evidence of the drug having been given, correct. >> but it still could have been given and not shown up in the hair? all th
>> welcome back to our coverage of the casey anthony trial. over the last 24 hours we've seen the anthony family implode on the witness stand. how much is the family drama helping the defense or maybe conversely, it's hurting casey's chances and helping the prosecution? i want to play for you what happened yesterday on the witness stand when cindy anthony was called by the defense. the mother of the accused. take a listen to this. >> picture of caylee walking up the ladder and i'm behind her holding her and even at that time she could climb into the pool by herself. >> for safety reasons you would always be-- >> yes. >> on june 16th, 2008, did you come home and notice that the pool ladder was up as depicted in the photograph? >> you mean on the-- >> the ladder yefrnlts, it was on the, it was attached to the pool. >> and was that a highly unusual event for you to see that? >> so much that i called george at work to see if he had left the pool ladder up because i also noticed that the side gate was open at the same time. >> she vaguely remembers that right about the time that li
to it as the news begins anew on studio b with extensive coverage this hour of the casey anthony murder trial. a lot of ground to cover in the next 60 minutes. day two for the defense. we will take a look at the day's developments at anthony's lawyers try to pick apart the the prosecution case. there are a lot of questions about the evidence that is said to link casey to the death of her daughter caylee. the question is, is there enough for a conviction? is any of the forensic testimony worth anything or is it junk science as the defense is claiming? the big question for everybody watching the trial, will casey anthony take the stand? more on that and a look at some of the people standing in line all night long just to spend the day in the courtroom. plus, live updates from the trial itself. phil keeting is there. our lawyers are here. it is all ahead on the coming hour of studio b. first from fox at 3:00, lawyers for the accused child killer casey anthony calling more witnesses to try to dismantle the the case against her. prosecutors claimed that casey anthony stored her daughter's body in the tru
woman, casey anthony, had some sort of contact with another inmate whose young son drowned in a swimming pool. and his body found by his grandfather. remember, casey's defense attorney claimed that 2-year-old caylee anthony drowned if her grandparents' swimming pool and the grandfather helped cover up the disappearance. or death, if you will. did she steal the story from another inmate? that is what they are investigating. much more of this and full coverage through the hour. phil keating live in central florida and our legal team, the former prosecutor and legal analyst is leader and criminal defense attorney is here and fox news senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano, and forensic pathologist, dr. baden and jonathan hunt monitoring the trial along with us from the west coast news hub this afternoon, our team for the hour with much more on the prosecutor's suggestion that casey anthony may have stolen her story about caylee accidentally drowning in the swimming pool and that she my have gotten that idea from the fellow inmate. but, first from fox at 3:00 from new york that was far fr
latest. >> do you recognize the people in that photograph? >> on the left is casey anthony. >> there she was in courtroom exhibits with that big smile. dancing in her blue knit dress. casey anthony. >> it was a hot body contest. >> contestant in a hot body contest the summer of 2008. her little girl, not quite 3, nowhere in sight. >> where is caylee marie anthony? >> her child, caylee, had been gone four days when these pictures were taken. casey out at a club, no child in tow. now casey anthony, 25 years old, sits at the defendant's table, stoic most days, sometimes wiping tears, accused of her daughter's murder. in court, there are two starkly different theories about what happened to caylee anthony. for the defense, it's as simple as a toddler drowning in a backyard swimming pool. >> this is a sad, tragic accident. >> or, is it the prosecution's theory of an inconvenient child murdered by a monster of a mother? so many stories and troubling details, a car trunk said to smell of death. >> it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car. >>
. the casey anthony trial, extensive coverage today the defense calling its first witness today. among them, an expert who says there was no d.n.a. evidence that one of the key points of the investigation. our legal team is here. greta is here. our senior judicial analyst is here, and details on the casey anthony trial, extensive coverage ahead. but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, congressman anthony weiner promising political career has imploded 2 1/2 weeks after the crotch shot appeared on twitter, the democrat says he will be resigning from congress. >> today i am announcing my resignation from congress. so my colleagues can get back to work. my neighbors can choose a new representative. and most importantly that my wife and i can continue to heal from the damage i have caused. >>shepard: the heckler from the howard stern radio slow and the congressman struggling to finish the sentence with the heckling with no wife. this comes after mounting pressure from members of both parties and the president of the united states. after calls for an ethics investigation. and, amid new accusati
, comes casey anthony's attorney jose baez. the littlest victim caylee anthony he says died by accident. >> everybody wants to know what happened. how in the world can a mother wait 30 days before ever reporting her child missing? that's insane. it is bizarre. something is just not right about that. well, the answer is actually relatively simple. she never was missing. caylee anthony died on june 16th, 2008 when she drown in her family's swimming pool. drawn the defense contends. can that help establish reasonable doubt? i'm ger german soldier. welcome to the specialra. coverage. a courtroom where a jury is deciding whether casey should face death for kill are her child. the damning jailhouse tapes. her casey anthony is heard undermining her own defense that caylee died in the pool. listen. the media. >> i heard. >> someone just saided that casey was dead this morning and she drown in the pool. that is the newest story out there. >> surprise, surprise. >> surprise, surprise and lies and more lies. and before we probe the fantasy world that case in anthony created. shootinis she on her w
>> judge jeanine: welcome to the second hour of our special on the casey anthony murder trial. i'm judge jeanine pirro. casey anthony's brother lee breaks down in court today. her mother drops more bombshells how did it play in front of the jury? less ask holly bristow who was in the courtroom today. >> i spent a lot of the day watching the jury to see how they react to some of the different testimony that going on. we lee anthony took the stand today and break down crying, every juror zoomed in and it seemed like they couldn't take their eyes off of him. the defense used lee to pain the picture of a distupbgs al family and showed how different things were -- dysfunctional family and showed how different things were behind closed doors. lee saying the pregnancy was like an elephant in the room that nobody talked about. he never went to the hospital to see his sister or niece we caylee was . tears really started rolling when he testified that he didn't go because he was hurt and angry at his mother and sister. lee said he was left out. nobody would talk about casey's pregnancy. an
. >> yes, there were. >> we know casey anthony is guilty as sin but knowing is not proving and the chloroform search on the anthony computer the defense planted the sticks of doubt about the sticker that never existed. >> let's not get confused with media hype. the only evidence of a heart shape was a testimony on miss fon tain and the f.b.i. saying she had observed an image of a partial similar heart shape on the edge of the duct tape and somehow, poof, they couldn't photograph it in the f.b.i. crime in virginia. >> welcome to this special edition. show. don't you remember the kick in the guts we got in october 3rd 1995 when the jury returned the not guilty verdict in the oge only simpson case. i think it is far fetched but an action packed final week. some fear a not guilty verdict will be where we are heading in the casey anthony death penalty trial. people got the getting away with murder cover. many legal experts say the case against accused mom casey anthony may not stick. like whether she did computer searches and how to make chloroform and whether there was a heart
girl dead. her own mother accused. much of this country captivated by casey anthony, the trial going on. a panel of guesting will join me to talk about the case, a prosecutor, a psychologist, a former fbi criminal profiler who actually worked on the case, an orlando reporter who has been in the courtroom for the trial and a media critic they will join us in just moments. but first how we got here. >> there's wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there was a dead body in the car. >> monday, june 9th, 2008, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., i, casey anthony, took my daughter caylee marie anthony took her to her nanny's apartment. june 16th is a big, big day. a lot of things going on. first that's the day at 12:50 p.m. when casey's dad george says he last sees little caylee. then investigators have a bunch of phone records from that day and looking at these records, casey making a ton of calls including eight calls to her mom cindy. also, this is the day that casey anthony moves out of her parents' house. she leaves. then things get even more interesting. later in the ni
. it was an emotional day of testimony. first casey anthony's mother takes the stand yet again and her brother lee cries on the stand. lee anthony recalled how he didn't go to the hospital for caylee's birth and no one would discuss casey's pregnancy with him? >> i was very angry at my mom and i was also angry at my sister, i mean, i was angry at everyone in general. but didn't want to include me. and didn't find it important to tell me. >> what is the point that the defense is trying to make with that testimony and where are they going with this? >> it is very, very cowerious this is a witness they could have done without. they are trying to show that the anthony family is secretive and not everyone is in tune with what is going on . so it is sort of tries to connect the dots with the dad covering up not telling anybody about it. >> kelly, is it important that the defense has a narrative or story to tell or are they okay with the defense sort of poking holes here and there and raising questions in the jury's mind. >> honestly in most cases, the defense does not set out an event line and in this case, i
if he starts talking. >>> in orlando, a defense close to the defense team says casey anthony's mother, cindy, may take the stand today to testify on her daughter's behalf. she has already testified for prosecutors. the attorney for casey anthony's parents tell cnn they believe, quote, she's not innocent. but he adds, they don't want her to get the death penalty. casey anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. >>> the souris river is spilling over levees in the minot, north dakota, area today. 12,000 minot residents have evacuated. and that's a third of the town's population. >>> flooding from the missouri river is threatening a nuclear plant today. water is just less than three feet from the cooper nuclear station south of omaha. the plant remains fully operational. dozens of workers are reportedly staying on-site around the clock as a precaution. >>> and president barack obama leaves for ft. drum, new york, next hour. he'll discuss his draw down plan. many have just returned from afghanistan. the president plans to bring 33,000 forces home by the end of next su
." that will be for the students entering high school in 2011 and 2012. >> thank you. back now to the casey anthony murder trial. a stunning development today and took everybody by surprise and maybe even the lawyers and certainlyy the jurors when the judge took the bench and said we are adjourned for the day because of a legal issue and that is under seal and all discussions about it . the attorneys have been gagged and it is unclear what it is all about. but it does afford us an opportunity to review the key evidence in the case. >> we'll show you the testimony of an important witness for the prosecution. dr. neal hasicle is a bug expert. here he is. he testified that based on scientific insect evidence what are known as coffin flies, caylee's body was likely hidden in the truck of her mother's car for several days and other evidence shows that the defendant had custody of the car and driving it around for several days before the body was removed. by itself. that should be a fairly incrimdating except the defense put on dr. huntington who got beat up badly by the prosecution. >> that's just it. on the face, o
making a ton of calls including eight calls to her mom cindy. also, this is the day that casey anthony moves out of her parents' house. she leaves. then things get even more interesting. later in the night around 7:54 p.m. at a blockbuster there's surveillance video, you can see her then boyfriend, tony lazzarro walking arm in arm to rent couple of movies. what's also noticeable about that picture there's no caylee there. june 18th or june 19th this is when casey anthony's neighbor says that she came over, knocked on the door to borrow a shovel. now according to the neighbor she needs the shovel to take care of some bamboo shoots or something in the backyard. it's also on these days and this is interesting because the neighbor said he never saw casey anthony really use the garage, yet sometime during those days she uses the garage but doesn't pull into it straight, she backs her car into the garage. and this is where casey anthony worked as a shot girl. this is where casey anthony is up on stage, dancing with that other woman in those pictures. all that during that same time frame whe
testimony, you could see casey anthony shaking her head "no," with the highlights and more testimony as it happened. here to break it down is phil keating in orlando and arthur aidala and noted criminal defense attorney randy zelin. and we will hear from judge am level, the former florida circuit court judge and host of "judge alex." but, first from fox at 3:00, 31 days into the trial and casey anthony's lawyer today finally asked her father, george anthony if he molested his own daughter. that was the explosive claim the defense made in opening statement. here is george anthony responding, one of many tense exchanges already today. >> sir, i never would do anything like that to my daughter. my question is, you would never admit to it? >> sir, i would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way. >> only in that way? >> sir. judge: sustained. >>shepard: casey anthony is shaking her head in apparent disagreement and later george anthony broke down sobbing on the stand weapon the prosecutor asked him about the discovery of the remains. watch how his daughter reacts. q. had you h
decision freely and voluntary? >> yes, sir. >> the jury will not hear casey anthony tell of her vision that her daughter accidentally drowned in the swimming pool and her father helped cover up the death. she also not address the claims her defense attorneys made that her father, george, and her brother, lee, molested her. we did hear today from the woman who says she had an affair with george anthony and claims he told her that 2-year-old caylee died accidentally. >> did you develop a relationship with are mr anthony? >> we. >> was it intimate? all he said it was an extent that got out of roll but i was shocked and i looked up and his eyes were filled with tears and i didn't elaborate. i didn't ask him anything further. >> george anthony has denied any affair with the woman who was a volunteer in the search for caylee. today on ross examination she admitted lying to police changing the story and selling her story to a tab lid. >> how much money to you or your family get from the "national enquirer" for selling your story? >> $4,000. >> the story is more sexy if you are having an affai
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two hour special on the casey anthony murder trial. i'm judge jeanine pirro. the trial began a month ago. filled with one shocker after the other. today emotional-filled courtroom. the mother and brother for the defendant take the stand. this time, for the defense. for the latest we go to holly bristow in orlando. what happened in court today? >> judge, as you said. it was an extremely emotional day many cindy anthony took the stand twice. for the first time, casey anthony's brother lee the stand. that's when we go a picture of how different things are behind closed doors inside the anthony's home. lee anthony cried on the stand. saying his sister's pregnancy was the elephant in the room. nobody would talk about it. he testified he never went to the hospital to see his sister or new these when caylee was born because -- or his new niece when caylee was born because he was hurt and felt left out. and his parents didn't admit casey was pregnant until june when it was obvious that casey hadn't just gained waist that she was with child. less than two months before caylee was born. prosec
tapes in the trial of florida mom casey anthony, accused of murdering her daughter. we are in the courtroom as the evidence piles up and the defendant breaks down. >>> python posse. it's a job with serious hazards. but these snake hunters say the thrill is the point. >> you got him? >> join news the everglades. just be careful where you step. >>> and, the race is on. sarah palin and mitt romney drop in on new hampshire. but only one of them declared a presidential candidacy today. so, second time's the charm? we are on the campaign trail. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," june 2nd, 2011. >> announcer: good ev . >> good evening, i'm bill weir. it's only be a week, but the jury in the casey anthony trial has heard enough to fill an an thol. >>>. conversations with police, her own defense lawyer's version, no two stories agree or begin to explain how the defendant's 2-year-old daughter turned up dead in 2008. here is ashleigh banfield in orlando, florida. >> reporter:
>> judge jeanine: tonight on "justice". big trouble in the casey anthony trial. it was duct tape that killed little caylee says the state of florida and they created this image to prove it. good evening and welcome to "justice". i'm judge jeanine. more on the casey anthony murder trial. first, a fox news alert. representative anthony wiener takes a temporary leave of absence from congress. wiener heads to a treatment facility to seek professional help following his sexting scandal. ann coulter here with reaction. plus? >> this is emergency dispatch. we found a human skull. >> oh, my gosh. >> why did it take four 911 calls to find caylee. did somebody move her body? and how did caylee really die? >> caylee anthony died on june 16, 2008 when she drown in her family's swimming pool. >> i believe we have enough evidence to say it is a homicide. >> judge jeanine: plus, they took the stand but did they tell the truth? >> do you think it's genuine. >> judge jeanine: body language expert tonya ry ryman is here coming up tonight on "justice". phil keating was in the court today. what is t
in the was the odor of human remains and decomposing body the smell coming from the trunk of casey anthony's car after her daughter disappeared. the defense is trying to discredit that theory but will in the get a chance until tomorrow and the defense was also planning to use one of the witnesses today to attack the claim that the mother, casey anthony, suffocated her little girl using duct tape. >> the duct tape opinion that the doctor is going to express is that there is no scientific business to render an opinion as to where a piece of duct tape is when it is on a surface deposit site because there are too many things that can alter the location of the duct tape. this aside from being common sense, this is being testified to by someone who has the experience to do is. >> so casey anthony's lawyers trying to dismantle the prosecution's claim that the 25-year-old killed her young daughter, hid the body in the car for several days, and at some point dumped the remains in the woods. and now to the courthouse where phil keating has been covering the trial. does it appear the attorney for casey anthony i
life in a special on the record tonight. >> greta: tonight, secret meeting in the casey anthony murder trial. it all happen saturday. among them lawyers for casey anthony, the prosecutor and judge. we don't know what casey anthony's lawyers told the judge. but it was serious enough that he immediately adjourned the trial until this morning. that was just the beginning of what happened today in court. >> saturday, the defense filed a motion to determine competency to proceed. based upon that motion, the court ordered that the defendant to be examined by three psychologists to determine her competency to proceed. based upon the reports that the core has reviewed, the court will find that -- the court has reviewed the court will find that the defendant is competent to proceed. >> it my expert opinion there is no instrumental, scientifically validated to the level that it can be used to identify the presence or absence of human remains based on the chemical residues that are present. >> you agree something was decomposing in the trunk of this car? >> yes. >> something decomposing. the ques
. "anderson cooper 360." >>> good evening, everyone. breaking news tonight in the casey anthony trial. we've just learned that defense plans to rest tomorrow. the case could go to the jury by sunday evening. it was an extraordinarily emotional day in court with george anthony weeping on the witness stand. but if the the defense is resting tomorrow it now seems highly unlikely they'll be calling casey anthony to the stand to testify. martin savage outside the courtroom joins us now. marty, do we know if she'll testify tomorrow? >> no, we don't know tonight. this is the way it is going down. it's been three years now this case has been under investigation. 31 days that trial has been going on. as you point out it could all come to an end tomorrow for the defense. that's what they have said. however, that doesn't mean the end of the trial. because the prosecution says they want time for rebuttal. that could take them two days. on top of that, both sides have said for closing arguments they need a half day each. and then you have the judge that has to essentially charge the jury, give them th
right now. >> shep: the casey anthony trial went off the rail today and the man that found casey es bones his son dropped an information bombshell and casey's father george organization an emotional rollercoaster. >> first, he got angry. >> my family was being torn apart. for you to say i was -- you're wrong. >> shep: then he talked about trying to kill himself. >> in late january of 2009, did you try it? >> yes, i did. >> shep: tonight the casey's father with an emotional day in court. and what triggered these tears. >> plus, breast cancer patients say the drug avastin has saved their lives. >> i am a wife, mother, sister and granny. >> some doctors want to keep prescribing it but the feds say it might be too dangerous and they are determining a its fate. >> the life or death decisions that affect thousands of women. >> but first from fox, the dirty laundry is coming out at the casey anthony murder trial. from a suicide scare to molestation accusations, casey anthony's father george testified about all kinds of family secrets. casey anthony is the central florida murder accused of
. today a prosecutor broke out the bombshell. while the casey anthony jury wasn't even in the room. she told a judge that the state is looking into a case of an inmate, named april whalen. an inmate who was briefly in a cell right next to casey anthony. that's whalen. she apparently had a son who drowned in a swimming pool and whose grandfather found him. familiar, right? that story is strikingly similar to the one of casey anthony on the right here, hello left, hello right. wow, strikingly similar to casey anthony's story of what happened to her child. and the question is, did casey anthony steal that drowning story from the woman on the left? prosecutors say it's not clear. >> ms. whalen indicates to law enforcement she did not talk to casey anthony; however, she doesn't remember when f. she talked to other inmates. so, at the present time, it's being explored. whether or not there was indirect contact. >> shepard: that development just one of several major turns in the case today. our phil keating has been at the courthouse from the beginning. how did this potentially explosive witne
, on "studio b" today. dramatic new testimony on day 30 of the casey anthony murder trial. today, the man who found little caylee's remains is describing what he saw in a wooded area not far from the anthony home. the jury also hearing from the once accused child killer's mother, father, and brother with the testimony and full coverage throughout the area and phil keating is outside the courthouse and former prosecutor and legal analyst arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin, and well check with them through the area and comments from host of judge alex on the big fox network, but, first, from fox at 3:00 the queens lawyers interrogating the meter reader. he is on the stand now. he the one who reported finding caylee's remains in the wood. casey anthony's lawyer suggested this man had the little girl's body for months and put it there himself hoping to get a reward. he called authorities three times in as many days back in august of 2008 to say he had seen something suspicious in the woods. and police found nothing. sevenners by the throughs found nothing. and video was take
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of here. >>> we're going to begin with the trial that has captivated the nation, casey anthony. the young mother in floor accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. court is in session again today. much of the testimony is focused on microscopic evidence found in the trunk of casey anthony's car. let's bring in sean laven who's outside the court for us in orlando. get us up to speed on what happened in court because saturday court is so unusual, generally speaking. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. today was an intense day for forensic testing. the defense brought in this whole new theory of the car trunk and the possible dead body in the trunk. today they brought in a forensic expert from the fbi. she told the jurors why she thinks that caylee's dead body was in that trunk based on a hair she found that had a postmortem band around them. let's take a listen to what she had to say on the stand earlier today. >> the hair in the swap was microskopically dissimilar to the head hair sample coming from caylee anthony. there were similarities found to a hairbrush identified
eye today on the casey anthony murder trial. her mother and brother take the stand, and what they say about caylee anthony. it brought some folks to hear in the courtroom. stay with us. that's next. [ male announcer ] germs in your mouth build up and form a layer called biofilm so strong it survives brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula penetrates biofilm, kills germs and protects your mouth for hours. fight biofilm with listerine®. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 are still talking about retirement tdd# 1-800-345-2550 like it's some kind of dream. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's either this magic number i'm supposed to reach, or... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's beach homes or it's starting a vineyard. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 come on ! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 just help me figure it out tdd# 1-800-345-2550 in a practical, let's-make- this-happen kind of way. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a vineyard ? schwab real life retirement services is personalized, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 practical help that's focused on making your retirement real. open an account today and talk to chuck tdd# 1-800-3
and that led her to chloroform. prosecutors say casey anthony used chloroform to knock out her daughter before suffocating her with duct tape. >>> notorious mob boss whitey bulger is expected to be extradited to boston today. there, he'll face 19 counts of murder. the fbi finally captured bulger and his girlfriend in southern california after 16 years on the lam. a boston area real estate agent remembers a terrifying run-in with bulger. >> comes over with a .45. puts it to my head and he says, if you don't pay me, i'm going to kill you and your family. takes a gun out. hits me. says because you're a good guy and a stand-up guy, he says i'm not going to kill you. >> agents say they found $800,000 cash, fake i.d.s and dozens of guns in bulger's apartment. >>> forecast earls in north dakota increasing the predicted rise for the source river. 12,000 people have left their homes in minot because of this flood. >>> u.s. terror investigators linked osama bin laden to militants allied with pakistan's spy agency. "the new york times" reports bin laden's top courier had cell phone contact with the group
sesay is following other stories for us tonight. >>> a dramatic day in the casey anthony trial. cindy anthony, casey's mom, practically collapsed. she had to ask the judge for a break. coming up, the 911 recording that made her fall apart. thank you. do you have an english menu? no english. [ speaking chinese ] [ gasps, speaks chinese ] do you guys like dumplings? i love dumplings. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual -- let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. you know rheumatoid arthritis means pain. but you may not know it can also mean destruction. not just of your joints, but of the things you love to do. and the longer you live with the aching, swelling, and stiffness, the closer you may be to having your favorite things... taken away from you. but you can take action today. go to for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. >>> tonight, the question congressman anthony wiener is refusing to answer ab
later in the program. talked about casey anthony who has already established herself as a world class liar. is that any reason to believe that she's also a killer and the defense's question about little caylee that shook up the courtroom today? did the fbi do a test to see if the girl's uncle or grandfather could also be her father? hear what the jury heard about that day. let us know what you think. we're on facebook. follow me on twitter. up next, the story of mitt romney's joke that he's unemployed, was it insensitive? but first this. >> anderson, is moammar gadhafi ready to step down? just ahead, we'll tell you what the latest envoy to libya is saying about it. also, late word from his son about elections. that and much more when "360" continues. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. multigrain cheerios... [ indistinct conversat
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